Stellenbosch Crafts Alive is a social enterprise situated on the banks of the Eersteriver in Stellenbosch. Its focus is to empower local crafts producers through training and mentorship to become sustainable entrepreneurs. We believe it is through collaboration that we are able to bring about social and economic innovation.

The Stellenbosch Arts & Crafts Business Development Project is targeted at fostering collaboration between all different sectors and communities in Stellenbosch to combine efforts, assets and talents to establish the craft industry in Stellenbosch as a meaningful component of the overall socio-economic footprint, as well as establishing a culture of recognition and support for crafting as a means of capacitating suitable talents and motivated citizens. By using trained skills of both students and community craft producers in collaborative projects; and trough creating job opportunities and a sustainable income, we create security and a sense of belonging to Stellenbosch.


Each of us has an ‘Aunty Sophie’ in their family or community. Aunty Sophie se Kombuis is a tribute to the Aunty we all know, who loves preparing food and spoils us with something lekker. Her kitchen/kombuis is a place where you are always welcome to sample what Aunty Sophie has made – something original or grandma´s traditional recipe.

This is what you will experience at Aunty Sophie se Kombuis. A place where family and friends gather to enjoy a wholesome plate of homecooked food. We are situated in the Ou Landbousaal on the banks of the Eerste River in Stellenbosch and are part of the Stellenbosch Crafts Alive social enterprise, where local art and craft producers are trained and mentored to become self-sufficient entrepreneurs. `It takes a village to build a sustainable local enterprise´.